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My new napkins 18/02/2024

Ice Crystal Paste and Snow Crystal Pen

Winter effect mediums:

Our new Winter effect mediums can be varied very well with each other for an icy + snowy effect on any christmassy décor such as baubles, Christmas cards, Christmas trays, glass surfaces, or tableware. Apart form wintery effects, they also look lovely and elegant on wedding accessories, such as wedding cards, or can also be added as extra glittery / shiny textures on any decoupaged surface.

Decoupage projects

Decoupage for Beginners

All the basics there is to know about the art of Decoupage including the technique, materials used, and many useful hints & tips. Let’s get started !

Rice paper – most popular material for Decoupage

What is Rice paper? 

Rice paper for decoupage
Rice paper used on a tray

Rice paper, or sometimes referred to it as mulberry paper is  – despite what it’s called – not actually made from rice or mulberry tree, but made of plant based starch and fibres, i.e. tree bark.

Rice papers may come in different sizes and thickness, just like all other paper napkins and decoupage papers. Most importantly however, it comes in countless designs and styles, with fantastic quality, and brilliant colours! 

How is rice paper different from napkin papers and decoupage papers?

It is a perfect material to use for all sorts of crafts projects such as decoupage and journaling. Beginners and more advanced decoupage fans love using rice paper as it is very easy to stick to any surface, flat or textured and it will adapt easily to all sorts of surfaces with any glue used for decoupage.

Rice paper is softer and thinner than decoupaged paper, but stronger than napkin paper. It is very strong, durable, resistant and it does not disintegrate even though it can be quite thin. 

Rice paper in decoupage
Rice paper in decoupage

While paper napkins have multiple layers that need separating before working with them on a decoupage project, rice papers have only one layer, so this step can be skipped in this scenario. 

Another difference is that a base layer is often needed when working with paper napkins, while in the case of rice paper a base layer is not necessarily as the colours transfer quite well. Napkins tend to be more see through, with less prominent coverage. It is however not to say, they cannot be used simultaneously on any given project. They can both be applied in similar ways, but they have slight differences in the way they behave and adapt to the same surface. 

Rice papers also transfer to any surface without any creases or winkles compared to napkin papers, this – again – makes it slightly easier and more straightforward to work with. 

Another nice feature of rice papers is that the plant fibres are often visible, giving it a lovely textured and natural feel and look.

How to work with rice papers?

Decoupage with rice paper
Rice paper decoupaged on box and tray

When is comes to applying rice paper to a decoupage subject, the edges of the image can be either torn or cut, depending on the image, or the effect we would like to achieve. When tearing it, the sharp edges will completely disappear, and the soft fibres are very easy to integrate invisibly into the project. Cutting however, will obviously keep the edges sharp, but that can also look nice if the image allows it so. 

Apart from cutting the image out, or tearing it out, another great technique is to use a wet brush to slightly wet around the edges of the image, that will make it easier to tear it off more precisely, and giving it a softer, invisible edge again.

Rice paper therefore is truly one of the most popular materials both amongst beginner as well as more advanced craft fans, due to its simplicity, durability, and reliability. 

Party napkins

Elegant party napkins, with happy, bright colours

Shout out to all party organisers, and social butterflies ! The party season is here & the following section is a reminder that our constantly expanding range of portfolio also includes paper napkins for parties & special occasions!

Here, at the Napkinshop, we have built up a long history of providing a wide range of paper napkins, decoupage papers, and rice papers for the creative community, and decoupage fans for their artsy-craftsy purposes…

However, there are so many parties and special occasions, when one would simply want to use paper napkins for their most obviously intended one-off purposes.

Summer theme garden party napkins

With a tiny bit of creativity, and attention, Paper napkins can serve a crucial part of the table decor, and colour scheme, before the well fed, and happy mouths get wiped into them.

Organising a party or event, requires attention to details, and there are so many considerations to take into account. Having organised so many events ourselves, we understand, that paper napkins for parties should not only look great, so they elevate, and brighten the special occasion from a decorative perspective, but they should also be affordable, so it serves the purpose for their originally intended one-off use, well.

Elegant table decor and party napkins, for an adult birthday party, or graduation

Paper napkins are such an essential part for any party – be it birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, Christening, Christmas, Easter, Halloween party, or Mothers day – and yet, they don’t have to be boring!

A well chosen theme, and colour scheme of quality serviettes can make such a great impact on the guests and set the mood for a fantastic event! So let’s get browsing, and see how you can add a little colour, love, and thought to your special event!

We have gathered our favourite party designs around the different themes, that we recommend for each type of party:

Wedding party napkins

Birthdays & Milestone Birthdays party napkins

Hen & Bachelor party / Bridal shower party napkins

Engagement party napkins

Anniversary party napkins

Baby Shower & New Baby & Baby Gender Reveal party napkins

Christening / Other religious occassions party napkins

Christmas party napkins

Easter party napkins

Mothers day party napkins

Valentines Day party napkins

Wedding Party Napkin
Wedding Party Napkin