What company do you use for your deliveries?

We normally use Royal Mail. If however the parcel’s weight goes above 2 kgs, we will look for a cheaper alternative, and always find the best, and cheapest courier service for any given location on the Parcel2go website. Using Parcel2go is transparent, and easy to track for us as well as for our customers.

Is my delivery trackable?

Yes, we use tracked delivery in every case. We measure every single parcel, and the measurements can also be seen on the address label. This helps with identifying at any possible claim or query.

We always send tracking numbers by email. If you are unable to find your tracking number, please remember to check your junk folder, in case the confirmation email has been picked up by the spam filter.

How long my delivery may take?

We send out the parcels the same day, or the next working day, depending on what time the order has been placed. Royal Mail collects the parcels at 14.30 Monday to Friday. If an order is placed on Friday 3pm, the next collection is Monday 14:30pm.

Please see table below for Royal Mail delivery time scales to your particular location. Please note however that these times may change due to delays caused by Covid-19. Please allow 2-3 extra days before contacting us.

Please note we are unable to make any amendments to orders after 14:00 that are going out on that day. By 14:00 all our parcels are sealed and ready to go, therefore we would be risking all other parcels to go out in time by having to manually go through all parcels to find the one, pick out, amend, and re-pack.

Can I provide any special instruction for my delivery?

Yes absolutely, and please do so, if this helps in a successful delivery. When placing an order, you can leave us a message to name a safe place (porch, behind bin, bushes, etc), or provide any special instruction (e.g. leave with a neighbour if customer is not in) to help the postman deliver the parcel safely.

We always print these instructions and stick them onto the parcel, to minimise the risk of delivering it to a local post office for collection. In this case it is still possible to request re-delivery by following the instructions on the red card the postman tend to leave. However in some cases Royal Mail may not leave a red card, and the parcel is simply forgotten about. After a certain time frame the parcel is returned to the sender. It is therefore best to aim for successful first time delivery to avoid any later complications and disappointment.

New VAT rules affecting all EU customers !

Please note there has been a change of VAT rules within the European Union since 31.07.2021.

According to the new VAT regulation, there are now two different ways in which VAT is paid on a product, purchased in a different country.

  1. The web shop charges VAT on their products, and later the web shop settles the VAT that is due, to each country. In this case, products are delivered to the end customers, same as before and without any delay.
  2. The web shop does not charge VAT on their product, but in this case, VAT needs to be paid directly by the customers before receiving their order. Customers receive notification about the amount of VAT that needs to be paid, in their own country, before their delivery can be completed.

Our web shop follows the second option. Therefore, all customers – outside the UK, pay 0% VAT on our products, at the point of purchase on our website. All EU customers however, will need to settle the VAT on the value of their purchase, before receiving their parcels. The VAT rate depends on each EU country, in which the purchase was made from. All EU customers should therefore expect to pay a separate VAT amount within their own country, on each purchase from us, from 31st July 2021 onwards.

If a customer refuses to pay the VAT after being notified, the parcel is automatically redirected back to us unfortunately. In this case the delivery fee and a 10% administration charge is deducted from the value of the order, before we can refund the remaining value.