Pentart Media Mist Spray 50ml


Pentart Media Mist Spray 50ml


50ml quick drying, water-based, acid-free paint, which can be applied to any surface. It gives a matte effect if applied at porous surfaces, nevertheless it will be glossy if applied on a smooth surface.

Excellent for stencils! Rich coloured unique scrapbook pages could be created by the spray. Applying the spray from a larger distance, a misty, foggy effect can be achieved. While applying more paint, the colour will be more vivid.

Shake well before use!

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Weight 35 g

Antique Gold, Apricot, Black, Brass, Brown, Caribbean Blue, Copper, Espresso, Fire Lily, Gold, Ice Blue, Lavender, Lemon, Lilac, Morning Glory, Ocean Blue, Olive Green, Pearl Green, Pearl Rose, Pearl White, Poppy, Red, Silver, Thorn, Turquoise-green, Violet, White Coffee