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What is the Mirror Mist?

With the help of the mirror mist , we can create perfectly reflective surfaces – like a mirror – on any smooth, and transparent surfaces like a glass, or Clarity Acrylic Pieces of any shape – be it straight, flat, structured, or rounded like christmas tree ornaments.

There are two types of mirror mists, one of them is intended for glass, the other one is for plastic surfaces only. It is important not to mix the two types and use each of them on the appropriate and transparent surfaces.

Mirror Mist on glass

How to use the Mirror Mists?

Always shake up the container, with the paint thoroughly before each use.

As it is a mist, there will be a spray head included to be screwed tightly on top of the container.

Once the paint is prepared, the surface may also require few basic steps, such as cleaning the glass surface with alcohol, to remove any grease residue, or the removal of any protective plastic layers from the Clarity Acrylic pieces.

Spray several layers of the mirror mist on the relevant surfaces, these can be repeated after each layer is fully dried, so the coverage is thorough and dense enough. The drying process can be speeded up using a hair dryer, and we will see the paint becoming shinier and the reflections clearer as it dries.

Mirror Mist on glass and plastic surfaces

Once we have finished with the layering and the drying of the Mirror Mist, we can add one layer of black acrylic paint on top of the Mirror Mist layer – so the reflective effect is enhanced even more.

For a semi gloss effect, we can also apply a Semi Gloss Varnish Mist at the end.

The Mirror Mist can also be used with Stencil technique, to achieve the reflective surface showing only on certain patterns.

Alternatively, it can also be used with standard decoupage technique, if we are only applying the Mirror Mist as very thin, and partial coverage. Partial reflections will still shine through on the front side, once we have applied napkin tissue, or rice paper one the back of the item.

All in all, the Mirror Mist is a great material and technique to add variety, creativity and a new edge to our decoupage crafts! Take a look at the 3 products below, and a great little video below for some visual guidance, further ideas, and to demonstrate how to use the Mirror Mists !