Winter effect mediums:

Ice Crystal Paste and Snow Crystal Pen

Wether you are a hoppy craft fan or a professional decoupage and craft person, these new winter effect mediums are likely to blow you away. Whilst preparing for Christmas, everyone tend to put their creative hat on, but having a few new tricks can certainly help with coming us some new amazing ideas. Let’s take a look at our favourite new winter effect mediums to help to overcome any initial wary of how to use them.

Ice Crystal Paste and Snow Crystal Pen
Ice Crystal Paste and Snow Crystal Pen

Ice Effect paste – water based paste, that can be used to create iridescent, and textured surfaces. When it dries, it will give an opal white, rimy, frosty look. It can be used very well with both thinner, or thick (3D) stencils, or even on its own, by simply spreading it evenly and smoothly. Their drying time is 2-3 hours, depending on the thickness of the layer used. The Ice Effect Paste will remain fairly flexible when dried, and sticks very well, it so can be used effectively on any surface, both flexible and rigid (e.g. transparent plastic sheet, or glass)

Ice Crystal Paste – water based winter mediums containing glitters, that sticks on any surface well. It will dry transparent, and it imitates an icy surface, and ice crystal effect. Best to use sponge to apply this paste to the required surface, but can also be used with stencil very well. Once dried, it will remain water resistant, and won’t need any additional varnish on top. It will give a lovely icy, rimy, frosty effect on any glass surface

Ice Crystal Pen same as the Ice Crystal Paste, but in a different container, to be used for drawing more precisely, rather than spreading the paste. Ice Crystal Pen is perfect for making icicle effects for example by simply drawing straight lines on a Christmas bauble. But it can be varied with any of these winter effect mediums very well.

Snow Crystal Pen – imitates the effect of a freshly fallen snow when it dries, it will remain whiteish, and less transparent than the Ice Crystal Paste. Once dried, it will remain water resistant, and won’t require any additional varnish. It will add a fantastic snowy effect to any glass or any surface. It can be used for highlighting snowy details of a picture more precisely, for example a snow covered mountain peak, or tree branches, or roofs, etc.

Snow Paste and Snow Pen to be used to create the effect of freshly fallen snow. The paste is best used with a sponge, to create uneven surface, but looks also great using it with stencil. The pen is better used for highlighting more precise snowy details on a craft project, for example a snowy roof top, or a snowy sledge.

Snow and Ice Crystal Pens and Pastes

The great news is that these winter effect mediums can be varied very well with each other for an icy + snowy effect. For example icicle + fresh snow effect, or icy background with added snow flakes, etc, on any christmassy décor such as baubles, Christmas cards, Christmas trays, glass surfaces, or tableware. Apart form wintery effects, they also look lovely and elegant on wedding accessories, such as wedding cards, or can also be added as extra glittery / shiny textures on any decoupaged surface.