About Us

A little bit about us

The history of our family business in the hobby crafts & decoupage goes back to 2002. This includes the selling of decoupage materials, organising workshops and teaching the technique, all of which we feel deeply passionate about.

We find our inspiration in creative & budget friendly ideas, that provides the opportunity FOR ANYONE to be touched by THE JOY OF CREATING ! This is how our journey began, that changed our life for good. When Szilvia, our founder was expecting her babies one after the other, she had gone through a financially conscious period – as many young mothers do – and became more open to budget friendly, creative solutions in decorating their baby daughters rooms. She found so much joy in the actual doing, and the process of creating funky, colourful and creative crafts, that she started going into teaching the technique, and organising workshops to share the joy and the creative flow with like-minded people.

… and the story continues…

From here, our passion and family business took it’s natural course, by starting with a small Ebay shop, which we have soon “grew out”. More than 38,000 positive feedback on Ebay (as at mid 2017), made us more determined that we are on the right course in providing all the support to our customers satisfaction in the crafts and decoupage industry. And we wanted to do a lot more, so we have decided to transfer our shop to our own brand new website, where we would continue to sell our napkins, rice papers and decoupage materials, and be able to offer a lot wider array of support.

This has opened many many new options to us, including improved relationship and contactibility with our costumers, a lot more tools to our costumers’ benefit, such as sharing videos, pictures, blog, costumer reviews as well as becoming a platform for sharing others’ experience and ideas.

There is so much more to decoupage

We are determined to continue to build on a strong sense of creative community here, so we encourage you to send us pictures of your creations, ideas, and even concerns, that we can share and inspire others! What we find the most amazing in the art of decoupage, is that one doesn’t need to have exceptional drawing skills, or have an innate handcraft talent, in order for something beautiful be created. The only thing needed is imagination and creative ideas.

By introducing the technique of decoupage to many interested people, we have watched numerous success stories, how it changed some of their lives, by a sharp turn in their career and now pursuing their hobby as a full time job. Just like it changed our life too, some of your stories are truly amazing! And this is exactly what we find more rewarding than anything else, to help and assist people finding their passion in creating. So please join us and keep this wonderful creative flow live in your life too, to whatever extent feels right for you.

We will continue to personally assist you in expressing your creative side, respond to any concerns you may have, so we encourage you to feel free to message us with any questions or issues regarding your wonderful creations and ideas. Your creativity is our success, so believe in your dreams, live for your passion, or at least make time for it 🙂

Happy exploring!