Stamperia is one of the leading arts and crafts companies, reaching back to 1995, when it was launched in Italy. This brand currently works with resellers and distributors in over sixty countries worldwide.

Stamperia have become one of the best established pioneer within the arts and crafts sector in a number of ways: They were not only amongst the first companies to sell stencils, stamps, and acrylic paints, but they have also pioneered in printing on rice paper as a company, for the first time.

The company is famous for their 100% Italian designs, and distinct character of their collections, as they work with exclusive designers. Their team of artists constantly strive to develop new techniques, teach Stamperia courser worldwide, and to reach a wide range of people from crafts teachers, to resellers, to every day decoupage fans.

Take a look at our impressive range of Stmperia designs, as we are very proud to be working with them, and making these available to our decoupage fans and followers worldwide.

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