Copyrights considerations for Nouveau; the use of napkins for eg. napkin decoupage or general decoupage is allowed for the private hoppy or craft sector. In principle, the purchase of a design by a designer for the Nouveau company always includes the well-defined use of the design only as a napkin. In theory, if Nouveau would grant release for any other use, they would violate the rights of use, as the copyright for Nouveau - as the purchaser of the design - is clearly defined.

Nouveau have also asked directly some of their designers and have been informed, that in principle the use is only allowed for the private hobby and craft sector, and as the company Nouveau, they may not grant any permission for any other use from their side in writing to third parties. But how far an alternative use will be done through a third party is of course difficult to control. What the reselling of single or small number of pieces concerns, is at the customers discretion.

If ever in doubt about copy rights considerations, please get in touch with us.

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